Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cheap Baby Stuff

I had all the basics and more for my first 3 babies. But, when #4 and #5 came along, all my baby stuff was in storage - 3000 miles away. I didn't want to spend the money to replace everything, so we got by with hardly anything. I only had a car seat, a few outfits, a couple of blankets, a portable crib, and a walker for baby #4. Yet she made it through those early years just fine.

Baby items I did appreciate having:
  • bouncy seat with vibrator (to keep the baby near by while I showered, and used for feeding baby food)
  • walker (helped the non-walkers get around, and used this in place of a high chair)
  • portable crib (put next to my bed)
  • zip up sleepers with shirts underneath and one piece sleep and play outfits
  • mechanical swing (to hold and entertain the baby while I made meals)

Baby items I didn't need:

  • a changing table ( I used a blanket and a changing pad from a diaper bag)
  • big stroller (I carried the babies in a Snugli until they were big enough for an inexpensive umbrella stroller)
  • big diaper bag (I used a small one or just stuck the baby's things in my big purse)
  • lots of fancy baby outfits
  • baby toys (just needed a few favorites)
  • a bassinet
  • potty chair (just put them right on the toilet)

I loved disposable diapers and used them on 4 of my babies. But when I had baby #3, we were hardly getting by financially. So, I used cloth diapers on that baby. I didn't like how wet the diapers got and having to rinse them and wash them. But, it did save money.

This is what I bought to diaper her cheaply:
For disposable diapers, visit Baby Cheapskate for the Top Diaper and Formula Deals for the Week

Baby Food:
I fed my first 2 babies real baby food from jars. But then I learned how to make my own. Some of their favorites were: mashed banana, instant mashed potatoes, canned applesauce, pureed pears, scrambled egg, yogurt, and pudding made with formula.

Here's two helpful posts I found - How to Make Baby Food at Home and The Only 2 Recipes You Need.

WIC is a program that will give you formula, juice, and food for your baby and children up to 5. (A family of 4 can make $39,000 a year and still receive WIC.)

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