Friday, January 2, 2009

What I Got for Free - in December

A Free Couch
I recently joined a online group for my local area. Within a few days, I noticed an email that someone was giving away a free couch. Wow. Since our couches are in storage (3000 miles away), we've been without a couch for a few years. We responded to the ad and picked up our "new" couch. What a blessing. Now, I've got some giving away to do on Freecycle too.

A Free Calendar

No one gave me a calendar for Christmas- not even one from the Dollar store. The free calendar offers from Betty Crocker and Pillsbury are no longer available either. But today, a free one came in the mail. What a surprise that was. My girls thought it looked ugly though. So I took the pictures from last year's free calendar and glued them onto the new one.

I may sound really cheap. But if I buy a new calendar for the next 50 years at the Dollar Store, I will end up paying $50 total (plus sales tax). It all ads up. That's more than enough money to take care of an orphan for one month.

Free Online Movies and Shows
How exciting it was to discover It' s a way to watch movies and shows online for free. Hulu is legal and paid for by advertising. It was founded by NBC. My husband and I are currently watching season 1 of Miami Vice. (It's important to him.) Tonight, I'm planning to watch a movie - The Family Man with Nicolas Cage.

Free things can be such a blessing. I feel that it's important to give away also and not just for us to be on the receiving end. What can you give? Used household items, food and baked goods, your time, lessons?

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  1. We just joined freecycle again. Its awesome.

  2. You are soooooooo right ! It all adds up and we do need to sweat all the small stuff. Thank you for your TWT tips !

    Blessigs in Him<><