Friday, December 5, 2008

Curriculum Money Saving Tips for Homeschoolers

Don’t buy curriculum directly from the publisher. They usually charge the full suggested retail price.

Don’t buy a book or curriculum until you have actually looked through it. You can look through curriculum at the yearly local fair, at many Christian book stores, at the library, or set up a special get-together for the local homeschooling moms to look through each others curriculum.

Don’t buy homeschool materials until you’ve thought about them for awhile. Impulse buying wastes a lot of money.

Don’t let other people and companies talk you into buying something unless you really want it and have thought about it.

Don’t believe that you have to spend a certain amount of money in order to get a quality education. The truth is that many homeschoolers get a good college prep education for almost free.

Don’t sign up with a Homeschooling Distance Program until you have thought about all of the pros and cons. Distance schools are expensive, require that you stick to their schedule, and choose the curriculum that your child will use.

Don't be stuck on having to get a certain curriculum. For example: I had planned on buying a certain Language Arts and a certain Math workbook. However, when I found a 400 page workbook (covering Language Arts, Math, and Map Skills) for only $7 at Costco, I changed my mind. I was able to do Science, History, Geography, and Bible for free. So my basic homeschooling costs were very minimal this year.

Don't buy brand new curriculum. You can find lots of used curriculum at classified sites like:

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