Monday, December 8, 2008

Cut Your Family's Hair

I don't really enjoy cutting my husband's and kids' hair. I haven't ever been trained professionally, but over the years I've figured out how to do it. I keep on cutting their hair, because it saves us so much money.

$12 per haircut x 2 adults and 5 kids = $84
$84 x 3 hair cuts per year = $252 saved every year

$252 a year! That is why I continue to cut their hair.

Two of my daughters are at the preteen age and wanting fancier hair styles. So, I'll probably take them to a real hair stylist and watch very closely - so I'll be able to try it on my own next time.

If you'd like to try saving money by cutting your kids' and husband's hair, you can find out more at these links:

Haircutting - Do it Yourself (with detailed instructions)
How to Trim Your Child's Hair (with a 2 minute video)
Search through many tutorial videos at You Tube (search on "How to Haircut" or "Hair cut how to")

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