Sunday, December 7, 2008

Homeschool Curriculum Money Traps

Many homeschooling parents overspend, buying curriculum for the wrong reasons.

Here are some of the Money Traps concerning homeschool curriculum.

  • Buying teacher guides for the younger grades
  • Buying all of the “required” quizzes, tests, and activity pages.
  • Buying from the company that claims they give the best education.
  • Buying "impressive" curriculum even though you know that it won’t compliment your child’s learning style
  • Buying what your homeschool friends think is the best curriculum
  • Buying all your curriculum from one company, even though you would rather have Math or Science from another company
  • Duplicating what the public school is doing so that you feel like you are homeschooling correctly
  • Sticking with the same boring curriculum, even though you want to dump it and switch to another company or way of homeschooling
  • Buying without really thinking about it, because it’s September and you’re panicked that you don’t have the kids school curriculum yet.

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