Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Ways to Save for the New Year

Just when I think I can't possible cut our spending even more, I discover even more ways.

Here are things that I'm going to do this year to get our expenses down even more:
  • shrink our toiletry and personal care expenses by finding coupons for the cheap products that we already use
  • save receipts and return any unnecessary items that we shouldn't have bought
  • earn free Wal-Mart gift cards from (to get toiletries, clearance clothes, and Christmas gifts)
  • wait for the things I want to go on clearance even if I don't want to wait
  • buy the foods that are on sale and then figure out ways to serve them
  • participate in
You can find new ways to save in the post 168 Frugal Tips to Make Your Dollar Stretch.

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