Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Reasons to Be Frugal

I read a post at called 32 Reasons to Be Frugal Besides Saving Money. It got me thinking about my own reasons.

Here are the reasons why I live frugally:
  • It's a good example for my children.
  • I have less stuff to clean, store, and move.
  • It makes me appreciate what I do have.
  • It's encouraging me to be more generous in giving.
  • It's fun and challenging to play the "Money Game".
  • It's brought out the creativity in us.
  • We've learned new skills like - hair cutting, mechanics, remodeling, repairing, crafting, country living.
  • The emphasis is not on materialism.
  • I have the freedom to stay home with my kids.
  • We're establishing a habit of frugality that will keep our monthly expenses low and spending down even when we have more income.
  • It gives us a concern for less fortunate people.
  • I know that I'm pleasing God by spending money wisely.
  • We'll be better prepared for financial hardships like a recession or job loss.
  • I have more time to spend with people instead of stuff.

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