Thursday, December 18, 2008

Recession Proof Jobs

There's an article at called Is Your Job Recession-Proof? This is a great article for those thinking about a career change and for students.

Here are the 5 Industries that are expected to withstand a recession:

Education: skilled teachers, jobs at schools, textbook and learning supply sales

Health Care: Skilled medical workers and care givers, office jobs, all positions required to keep a hospital running.

There are many well paying health care jobs that only require a 2 year degree like - registered nurse,
surgical technologists, cardiovascular technologists, respiratory therapists, radiological technicians, dental hygienists, medical assistant, medical office worker, massage therapist, ophthalmic dispenser, occupational therapist assistants, physical therapy assistant, and diagnostic medical sonographers.

Energy: jobs related to oil and gas, alternative and renewable energy, nuclear energy, and geoscientists.

Environmental Sector: engineers and scientists, environmental consultants, program managers and attorneys.

Security: transportation security, border patrol, information security managers and computer programmers, and protecting vital company information.

Great Careers in 2 Years: The Associate Degree Option

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