Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Million Dollars - for God's Work

What would you do if you had a million dollars - to give to God's work? Would you start a ministry? Would you give some to missionaries, your church, Christian organizations?

Yes. You would pray about it before actually giving the money away. I'd like to know what types of ministries are dear to your heart. Which ones would you be interested in supporting? (but pray about first)

Well, I'd really like to get your answers and add them to this post. You can include links, too.

Tara said: I would really pray before making specific donations but off the top of my head, I would sponsor missionaries, make a donation to an organization that translates and distributes the Bible worldwide, start a women's ministry that has been on my heart for years, donate money to a local women's ministry that I believe in, donate to my church's building project....for a start! hehehe

Debbie said:
Wow! That is a thought provoking question. I agree with the others-you would need to spend a great deal of time in prayer first! I really know so many missionaries and mission projects around the globe that it would be easy to spend a million dollars. I think I would have to donate a hefty sum to Piedmont Baptist College. They do a great job of training Christian leaders. I would also pray about giving funds to the Baptist Mid-Missions camp outside Lima, Peru. It has never been funded enough. After that I would give a massive sum to national pastors and missionaries. Your dollar goes a long way with these dear servants. I know dozens here in Peru that live off so little.

I don't suppose I will ever have the chance to distribute a million dollars for the Lord's work. But, if anyone wants me to try, just let me know! Sounds like a blessed job to me.

Joyce said: Personally....I would probably "break up the money" and distribute it to various missionaries and missions organizations that need it badly. I wouldn't probably give it to so many of the "well known" or big agencies, but maybe a few that I trust. My heart goes out to the people/missionaries who are doing the work but haven't much $$$ support. Right before I read your comment on my blog...I had just wrote a check out to a little "Girls" home in Mexico that my friends are involved in. Because they haven't any heat and it's gotten cold there and their heaters were dangerous. Not working, expelling toxic gases, of us have all pitched in to help buy them a new furnace...because they couldn't afford it. That's the kind of things I want to help out with.....and of course other things as well. Orphans, AIDS, clean water, child prostitution, and human trafficking is a huge issue I am dealing with in my heart. I can't stand it. Those last ones put me over the edge. Child prostitution and Human Trafficking. We have some friends that are now working in that realm I would pour money to that cause big time. I don't think I would start a new missions situation only because there are so many working ones out there. I would check them out though and make sure they are reputable before I gave to them. I've seen and known of financial abuse even in missions areas...and I don't go for people living high off of missions funds.

Christina said:
I would pray, pray and pray some more. A million dollars is not chump change. I pray before I spend my last twenty so I would surely pray. Where the Lord led me I would follow.

Shari said: I would - support many Gospel for Asia Missionaries (only takes $1800 a year to fully support one), financially support orphan ministries and orphanages, go back to school to study Christian counseling, send each of my kids on a short term mission trip, contribute to my church's various fund raising projects, adopt or help other Christians adopt, give freely as the Lord leads.

Jen said:
If have a million dollars just to spend on God's work, He would have it spent before He gave it to me. God gives His grace in measure. :D I would think He would do the same with the money....just as he did with the fish and bread....

Karan said: I'd start with first, researching people or families and organizations who were in need of help and decide on who I would give some of the wealth to.

One activity my husband and I already do is, if we have read a thoroughly inspirational book that helps us to grow and think in our own lives, we recommend it to others by purchasing many copies and mailing them to friends and family to read.

I'd probably add more names to our missionary list to help support their work for the Lord. At 65 I'm too old and too tired to go to a foreign field, but I'd like to help send others to forward the name of Jesus.

I'd also like to help serious Bible College students to get through college. When I was a young woman in Bible College, my dream was to have a youth ranch for troubled youth. I most likely would consider making this dream a reality even now, by financing something similar to this.

There are so many small ways to help those in need, if you choose to give away little by little and you can include your children, grandchildren or students by teaching them how to give. Some examples I'd choose would be food, medicines, seeds, rice and shoes. You can organize a shoe drive for orphans or needy kids. I took my grandsons to a shoe dept. and we picked out shoes to send to the orphans - it was fun. I've even seen needy people or disabled people shopping and not have enough money to buy a pair of shoes or some needed item. What a look of surprise and joy on their face when I told them I'd like to buy the shoes for them. Actually, I think my own heart was more elated. There are so many ways we can be an example to our children and younger generations regarding giving. And we can always give to hunger in America. I'd like to gradually give out my wealth and not do it all at once. Spread the blessings over time!

This is an acceptable start on what I would do with a million dollars. It would go quickly, and I would need to make a good advantageous plan before I started. I would also encourage my grandchildren to join in learning how to give to others in need.

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