Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tips for Doing Cash Crate - Earn Money and Gift Cards

CashCrate is exciting for many people. I've joined in, too. But, I've found it confusing. On my first day, I earned $5.30 and 103 gift card points. The remainder of my completed surveys went on a pending status and have been pending ever since. I guess that maybe I didn't do all of the "surveys" correctly.

My First Day Doing CashCrate:
Here are the first surveys that I did. They worked and confirmed for me quickly and paid me either money or gift card points:

Recipe Rewards $0.20
Paid Marketing Panel $0.50
Group Lotto $0.30
Advertisers Clearinghouse $0.25
I Credit Experts $0.50
USA Prizes $0.45
Win Your Cruise $0.50
Opinion Outpost $0.55

Cheesecake Factory 10 pts.
Free Blackberry Phone 10 pts.
Black Macbook Air 10 pts.
American Apparel 10 pts.
iPod Giveaway 10 pts.
Hawaiian Vacation Giveaway 10 pts.
Choose a Laptop 10 pts.
Blackberry Storm Survey 10 pts.
$1000 Target 10 pts.
Dell XPS M1530 10 pts.

I did more "surveys" on my first day, but they went on a pending status and I didn't get credit for them.

Here are some things I've heard about doing
  • Get an email address just for doing CashCrate. Don't use your personal email address, because some of the surveys will send out tons of emails.
  • Don't do any that require that you give out your credit card number or real phone number, or that you sign up for a free trial membership. You might get billed or advertised to over the phone.
  • Sometimes you'll just need to provide some basic information and click a "confirm" button in your email. (However, it is still confusing to me as to how far I need to actually do the "survey".)
  • I've read that you should pace yourself and not do too many "surveys" in one day, because it will effect your pending status. (I have no idea if this is true, but I'm pacing myself now.)
  • Do the "surveys" that earn points for gift cards, too. They're easy to do and my points accrued faster than the paid ones.
  • Skip the 2 "daily surveys" unless you have the time to do them. I choose not to do them because they take way too long and I usually ended up finding out that I didn't even qualify to take the survey. (However, they do pay $.80 each and there are people who want the additional $1.60 every day.)
  • Take a picture of your checks to show others that CashCrate really pays. Then encourage others to sign up using your referral number. You get paid 20% of what your direct referrals make and 10% of what their referrals make.

4 Sites for Free Gift Cards
In addition to CashCrate, I do 4 sites where I earn gift cards. These ones are even simpler and more enjoyable for me. As with CashCrate, I don't do everything at these sites - just the things that are free and easy. (I never buy anything to earn points.) I stick with: answering emails, doing Internet searches, filling out my account profile, and doing the simple advertising quiz (at My Points), and clicking on the "cabs" at Free Ride.

The sites that I do for free gift cards are: Swagbucks, iRazoo, My Points, and Free Ride

I get a kick out of Swagbucks. You never know when you're going to win a Swagbuck while doing an Internet search or how much it will be worth. You also earn Swagbucks when your referrals earn them. Swagbucks is one that I actually enjoy doing and it only takes a few minutes a day.

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